StrongKey uses, contributes to, produces, and supports open-source technology.

  • StrongKey believes in, and is committed to, pushing forth the mission of open-source technology, especially because open-source means:

    • Having a decentralized knowledge base, allowing for constant iteration and improvement

    • Ensuring the survival of business-critical systems/software if the original provider sunsets

    • No licensing fees or paying per seat, effectively focusing the value on the product itself

  • We got where we are today because of open-source, thus, we believe in giving back—we have contributed many of our modules to the open-source community.

  • We do our best to financially support the open-source companies whose products we use through value-added subscriptions.

  • Our value as a company is in customer support and continuous innovative software development, while we stay close to the open-source community.

  • It’s important to us that we remain supportive of open-source and we strongly believe that it is the only sustainable model in the future of software.

A statement from our founder:

Ever since I discovered UNIX 30 years ago, I’ve been sold on free and open source software (FOSS). I’ve encouraged it, used it, bought value-added services around it, supported it, given back to it, and built StrongKey on that foundation.

I’m convinced that there are individuals who are using our FOSS software and adding value to the global economy with their services. While we may not be making money from them directly, and we may not have visibility into what they’re doing, we are happy knowing they are using our FOSS to make the internet more secure somewhere.

It is my personal belief that the most likely sustainable licensing model for software into the future will be FOSS. We are already seeing signals in this direction. Take Microsoft—a historically proprietary company—that spent billions of dollars investing in FOSS through the purchase of Github. All four of their Post Quantum Cryptography algorithms were made available to the worldwide NIST competition.

The real value of tech companies in the future will be from the services they deliver to make it easier for other businesses to use their FOSS software and thrive—not from closed licensing models or from locking companies into proprietary APIs. While StrongKey creates great software, businesses and even individuals may or may not be willing to pay a high price for that software; they will, however, be willing to pay a reasonable price for amazing services and great support.


StrongKey Appliances save the day(ta).

With processing capabilities up to 1,000 transactions per second, the Enterprise solution is your answer to large, complex architectures with scalability for multiple security solutions.

Tellaro T100 processes over 100 transactions per second and can store over 100 million encryption keys.

A smaller, tabletop device, the Tellaro T executes up to 100 transactions a second—the perfect proof-of-concept or mid-size business solution.