Welcome to data protection done right.

Protecting data can be simple. Automated-this and predictive-that may help you detect or interrupt a breach, but how do you protect your data even if it’s been compromised?

The answer? Secure the core with StrongKey.

Tons of data protection products exist. But do they really secure your data?

Not all security solutions are equal. Firewalls only hold off attackers for so long. Reactive tools, like breach detection solutions, can’t prevent you from zero-day attacks—and those attacks will happen. That’s right; we’re telling you that breaches are the rule and not the exception in these times. Should you have firewalls and breach detection solutions in place? Absolutely. But more importantly, you need to encrypt your data at the application layer, effectively making any compromised data useless. That is how you make breaches irrelevant.



Strong Authentication
Password-free authentication.
Encryption + Tokenization
Nearly infinite, enterprise-scale protection of files.
Verifiable Digital Signatures
Preserving the integrity of data.
Hardware-backed Key Management
Baking security directly into devices.


Consolidate your data protection security controls.
All critical cryptographic functions housed on a single platform to build the strongest foundation for your enterprise’s/agency’s needs.
Future-proof your security.
Continuous innovation through open-source licensing and our ever-evolving security solutions platform keeps you ahead of the game.
Stop worrying about compliance.
Don’t just establish and maintain, but exceed compliance requirements more economically than a standard maintenance contract.
Increase your IT department productivity.
By securing the core and providing easy integration from the start, we help you focus on what is most important.
Sleep with peace of mind.
Securing the core means that if your data is compromised, they still cannot decrypt it—keeping your data safe even with an attacker on your network.
Make your clients’ needs a priority—not your security.
StrongKey allows you to focus on what’s important to your bottom line. Deliver new business capabilities in applications faster without tripping up over new data security regulations.


Establish a partnership you can count on.
You’re at your best when you have the right support—we’re at our best when we listen to your complex data problems and design a solution that can grow with you.
Secure your data the right way.
We’re not in the business of taking risks. We do not compromise. We do data security the right way, every time.










StrongKey appliances can be deployed as hosted or on-premises solutions. 

StrongKey Appliances save the day(ta).

With processing capabilities of up to 1,000 transactions per second, the Enterprise solution is your answer to large, complex architectures with scalability for multiple security solutions.

Tellaro T100 processes over 100 transactions per second and can store over 100 million encryption keys.

A smaller, tabletop device, the Tellaro T can execute up to 100 transactions per second, making it the perfect proof of concept or mid-size business solution.


StrongKey's staff demonstrates exemplary technical prowess consistently, which enabled the success of one of the most difficult parts of PCI compliance. Their consistent delivery combined with a killer solution is a striking combination, which I strongly recommend.

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Architecture

We engaged with StrongKey to provide PKI services and we could not have found a more knowledgeable, honest and easy to work with partner than StrongKey. From a technical perspective Arshad Noor and his team are well versed with the PKI industry and played a major role in delivering our project on-time. We look forward to our continued relationship with StrongKey.

Sr. IT Project/Program Manager, Telecommunications Firm

StrongKey has guided {us} through the process of building a Public Key Infrastructure. The assistance provided has been invaluable. They patiently answered my questions and helped resolve all technical issues. I recommend StrongKey to anyone considering a PKI for their organization.

System Administrator, Government Services Contractor

The StrongKey appliance is an exceptional product, not just for the money, but in terms of its performance, its flexibility, and future-proof design. There are new privacy rules coming down the pike. This appliance can easily be adapted to other kinds of information that require encryption and protection.

Director of Information Technology

Useful, easy and complete solution for our sensitive data storage requirements. Allow us to reach easily the PCI Certification, reducing the scope of Card Holder Data (CHD).

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), Payment Processing Company
StrongKey is nation-wide.
West Office | Cupertino, CA
East Office | Durham, NC