Let’s face it: passwords are obsolete as a security technology.

StrongKey FIDO2 Server makes going passwordless a snap.

Welcome to a world of online confidence. FIDO2 unites two often diametrically opposed concepts: security and convenience. Secure by default and design, StrongKey’s FIDO2 CertifiedTM Server removes passwords, minimizes identity theft, and is easily adapted to existing environments to provide strong authentication to a wide range of applications used by service providers, developers, and consumers alike. Backed by secure hardware elements and decades of industry experience, StrongKey FIDO2 Server is highly customizable and offers the best authentication money can buy for the best price on the market.


A recently released special publication from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) gives FIDO technology the highest assurance level for authentication—higher even than digital certificate smart cards used by the Department of Defense. The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has conceived strong authentication Reference Architectures for the following:

All of these projects exercise FIDO2 STRONG AUTHENTICATION.


Start with Any Application

that needs authentication. Your staff and users are weary of passwords; they’re hard to remember and reset; and they represent a vector of attack for some threats.

Work with StrongKey

and garner the flexibility to FIDO2-enable any application; StrongKey FIDO2 Server is open-source, FIDO CertifiedTM, and meets the highest standards in authentication.

Simple Integration and Rollout

Once your app is FIDO2-enabled, roll out to your users. Many users have a working authenticator already, like their (Android/Apple) phones or laptops. Users who aren’t ready yet can still keep existing passwords.

Any FIDO2 Authenticator

If an authenticator works with FIDO2, it works with StrongKey FIDO2 Server; many companies opt to deploy physical authentication devices

Smile and Enjoy

the bleeding-edge protection you just put in place, for the win.


A Passion for the Industry

EARLY ADOPTER: Member of the FIDO Alliance since 2014; within 4 months, created our first FIDO U2F server, compatible with FIDO devices like YubiKeys; FIDO CertifiedTM it when the certification first became publicly available in 2015.
PAYING IT FORWARD: White paper for the FIDO Alliance on FIDO and PKI; contributions to another addressing FIDO with PSD2.
ON THE CUTTING EDGE: Released one of the first FIDO2 Certified servers with open source code in 2019; compatible with FIDO and FIDO2 devices.

Affordable and Flat Pricing

OPEN-SOURCE SAVINGS: Our customers pay flat fees, while the competition charges on a usage basis.
SCALE AWAY: Our appliances incur no limit on integrations, transactions, users, or storage records.
BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Our solutions have literally saved millions of dollars for some customers.

Thought Leadership

CONVENTION: We contributed to the NCCoE Practice Guide for Multifactor Authentication and the Hospitality Practice Guide.
GOVERNMENT: Our CTO, Arshad Noor, is a member of the California Blockchain Working Group.
EXPERTISE: Arshad has also been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council to advise on security .


Industry Standards

NIST-APPROVED: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recognized the FIDO protocol with the highest stamp of approval.
FIDO2 CERTIFIEDTM: StrongKey FIDO2 Server was one of the earliest FIDO2 certifications granted by the FIDO Alliance.
INTEROPERABLE: No proprietary technology; our solutions integrate simply with any web application.

Minimal Changes to Your Apps

SPEEDY: Customers have integrated our appliance in as little as a few hours!
NON-INTRUSIVE: Existing applications and servers don’t change to integrate with our FIDO2 Server.
INDEPENDENT: StrongKey FIDO2 Server resources, OAM, and policies are separate, making it perfect to centralize for multiple business units.

Above and Beyond FIDO2

SECURITY: Software is inherently vulnerable; that’s why cryptographic hardware protects every appliance database signing key.
CUSTOMIZATION: We work with you to meet your needs; for example, we built a PKI2FIDO application and process that bridges PKI and FIDO credentials.
COMPATIBILITY: Our FIDO-Sign-on (FSO) front end creates a method of deploying FIDO with legacy applications.


View the complete list of features supported by StrongKey FIDO2 Server. 

We’re happy to assist deploying StrongKey FIDO2 Server into a Virtual Machine for testing.
When it’s time to move to production, we have appliances and models that suit any business size.

For a more up close and personal FIDO2 discussion,
join StrongKey on Nov 9-10, 2020, at Authenticate in Seattle.


Be confident that your customers’ and employees’ identities are safe.
Authenticate with the strongest: StrongKey.