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*** Position Currently Closed ***

About StrongKey

StrongKey is making data breaches irrelevant. We are redefining the way businesses and government agencies secure their information against the inevitability of a breach through providing four specific practices that ensures their data, no matter the format, remains encrypted and protected at the highest possible level. While other security solutions focus on predicting, containing, or looking after the perimeter, StrongKey provides strong authentication, encryption, and digital signatures—underpinned by hardware-backed key management—to ensure data security, even with an attacker on your network. We’re trusted by some of the largest companies and critical government agencies around the globe, and we have tailored solutions whether you’re a multinational corporation, small business, or just you—working from your home office.

Founded in 2001, we are now at a pivotal time. This creates a unique opportunity for people joining the StrongKey team. We offer the autonomy, excitement, strategy-setting, and challenge of a startup, but backed by 18 years of proven security, thought leadership, and a working business model that supports customers on six continents. If you are tired of being lost in the crowd or feel like you don’t have the opportunity for personal impact, we think we could be a compelling place for you to work.

What You’ll Do Here

As a senior front-end developer at StrongKey, your role will encompass a variety of skills. 

Front-End Development

  • Work with our back-end security engineering team to bring to life our secure web applications through front-end coding.

Part-Time Web Designer

  • Create wireframes and prototypes collaboratively with our engineering team to shape new application development.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing themes, graphics, layouts, etc. for our website and applications.

New Application Dreamer

  • Drive the value of our product through helping cultivate an ecosystem of applications.

Team Leader

  • We’ll look to you, formally or informally, to mentor, coach, and guide our junior front-end engineers.

The Future of The Role

Currently, we need a polished user experience for our existing products, and we need it in a hurry. As we grow, this role could evolve in a couple different ways. Eventually, the design & development work may split into multiple roles, and you could specialize. You could move toward being a team lead within the engineering team as well. Whatever your goals, we are committed to supporting your growth. And we believe we are a company who will grow alongside you, creating new and meaningful opportunities into the future.


  • Java Enterprise Edition (we’re a 100% Java shop)
  • Angular (currently our web-application framework)
  • Linux, Windows, OS-X, Android and iOS)
  • Webservices (SOAP & REST)
  • Understanding of open source technologies
  • Knowledge and/or interest in security, cryptography, Fast Identity Online (FIDO), and PKI
  • 7+ years of web development experience

The Kind of Person Who Might Enjoy Working Here:

  • Knows how to communicate well in all circumstances, whether requiring directness, empathy, feedback, listening, or all of the above. We value the “human” in human capital a lot more than the capital, and we’re looking for people who feel the same way.
  • Can understand equally the challenges and limitations of engineering, while also thinking through how an everyday, non-technical person may interact with our product. Able to empathetically envision a day in the life of a customer.
  • Equally comfortable chatting with a non-technical customer and holding highly technical conversations with other engineers.
  • High-energy, optimistic, creative, curious, flexible (we’re a startup even if we’ve been around a while!), people-oriented, comfortable leading, bold yet humble, and a passionate problem-solver.
  • Have a love of life outside of work! Personal balance is important to us.

StrongKey is based out of Durham, NC and Cupertino, CA, and we work primarily from our offices.  The position is based in Cupertino, CA.

You will be compensated with a competitive salary, equity stake, and an attractive benefits package. You will also have the opportunity to help build a company and work closely with everyone in the company. We mentioned it once, but it’s worth saying again – if you’re motivated by helping write a company’s story as it begins a new chapter, this is a powerful opportunity for you to join the ground floor of a business we truly believe is going to be meaningful.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and a short cover letter (no longer than a page) to If you’d like to learn more without applying, please feel free to drop us a line.


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