Healthcare Solution

Protect your patients’ PII/PHI, as well as your own sensitive information, while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

Using centralized encryption with strong authentication, StrongKey helps you encrypt, tokenize, and decrypt data, ensure authenticity with digital signatures, provide a centralized key management system, and allow for data to be accessed by authenticated users. 


Tellaro KeyAppliance (KA) enables strong key management and DPAppliance enables large-scale encryption.
Tellaro architecture is built using principles of security by design.
Data security, done right. Straight out of the box.
HIPAA compliance is just one regulation to consider with regards to patient information, but protecting this kind of data goes beyond compliance—it’s about trust. When it comes to trust, the healthcare industry has some of the greatest responsibilities to protect human life, public safety, and information confidentiality. Don’t outsource your trust if you don’t have to.
1 Single-Tenant FIPS Server
FIPS 140-2, levels 2 or 3 certified, dedicated server for your encryption needs. No shared tenants and no outsourced keys.  
2 Secure Software Stack
Our software employs the most tested and trusted open-source software platforms to ensure the most up-to-date and advanced security available.  
3 Key Management
You choose which dedicated key custodians are given access to your keys and they remain in your control, stored safely on your appliance.  
4 Encryption and Tokenization
The core encryption and tokenization software to provide application layer security.  
5 Replicator
Replication module provides consistent high availability with active-active clustering.
6 REST and SOAP Web Services API
Encryption APIs made up of simple web services (REST or SOAP) allow applications to call for encryption and tokenization.

StrongKey's staff demonstrates exemplary technical prowess consistently, which enabled the success of one of the most difficult parts of PCI compliance. Their consistent delivery combined with a killer solution is a striking combination, which I strongly recommend.

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Architecture

We engaged with StrongKey to provide PKI services and we could not have found a more knowledgeable, honest and easy to work with partner than StrongKey. From a technical perspective Arshad Noor and his team are well versed with the PKI industry and played a major role in delivering our project on-time. We look forward to our continued relationship with StrongKey.

Sr. IT Project/Program Manager, Telecommunications Firm

StrongKey has guided {us} through the process of building a Public Key Infrastructure. The assistance provided has been invaluable. They patiently answered my questions and helped resolve all technical issues. I recommend StrongKey to anyone considering a PKI for their organization.

System Administrator, Government Services Contractor

The StrongKey appliance is an exceptional product, not just for the money, but in terms of its performance, its flexibility, and future-proof design. There are new privacy rules coming down the pike. This appliance can easily be adapted to other kinds of information that require encryption and protection.

Director of Information Technology

Useful, easy and complete solution for our sensitive data storage requirements. Allow us to reach easily the PCI Certification, reducing the scope of Card Holder Data (CHD).

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), Payment Processing Company


Targeted File Encryption
Digital Signatures protect every single transaction.
Verifiable Digital Signatures
FIDO2 Certified Strong Authentication
Integration to Public Cloud Storage
Strong Authentication Using FIDO-certified Server
Hardware-backed Key Management.
TPM or HSM Hardware

StrongKey provides the highest level of customer support to our clients. Our tiered services can be complemented with on-site installation and training, 24/7 phone support, and more. 

Open Source

StrongKey uses, contributes to, produces, and supports open source technology.



StrongKey appliances are deployed on premises or via virtual machine. 

StrongKey Appliances save the day(ta).

With processing capabilities up to 1,000 transactions per second, the Enterprise solution is your answer to large, complex architectures with scalability for multiple security solutions.

Tellaro T100 processes over 100 transactions per second and can store over 100 million encryption keys.

A smaller, tabletop device, the Tellaro T can execute up to 100 transactions per second, making it the perfect proof-of-concept or mid-size business solution.

StrongKey is nation-wide.
West Office | Cupertino, CA
East Office | Durham, NC