Attacks are evolving. We are too.

By April 10, 2018News & Updates

As StrongAuth enters its 18th year, we have had the opportunity to reflect on the changing landscape of data security, the most pressing concerns facing businesses today, and how we must strive to serve our clients more effectively. As businesses increase their use of and reliance on online and digital communications, it is our responsibility to continue providing the most innovative and comprehensive data security solutions possible.

In 2017 alone, at least a dozen Fortune 500 companies suffered significant data breaches – resulting in countless identity thefts, hundreds of millions of dollars lost and the erosion of customer and consumer confidence. While the news tends to focus on breaches suffered by larger corporations, it is no secret that small and medium sized businesses are equally vulnerable – and possibly at greater risk. We believe it is our responsibility to use what we have learned in the development of enterprise solutions to protect these small and medium sized business entities as well.

To aid in our development of these new solutions, Systena America, Inc. has invested $10MM and will be helping facilitate our efforts to engage small and medium sized business markets and the enterprise market we already serve. It’s an exciting time – one that will allow us to substantially build on our successes to date.

This new evolution in our business demanded visual expression – a signal demonstrating our dedication and commitment to this new path forward.

And so, effective immediately, we are proud to announce that we have changed our company name from StrongAuth to StrongKey. To accompany this change is an exciting new logo, tagline, and website reflecting our commitment to providing comprehensive data security to businesses of all sizes.

This is just Phase One of our brand redevelopment efforts, and you can expect to see more over the next 12 months.

StrongAuth has earned a great reputation as both an innovator and trusted partner in the data security category. We expect 2018 to be the most amazing year in our history – and we are thrilled to have you on the journey with us.


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