StrongKey & Fintech — We’ll be at Money20/20!

By October 19, 2017News & Updates

Money20/20 is the largest event focused on payments and fintech. This coming week, we’ll be in Las Vegas meeting people and organizations disrupting this space to talk about how important security is in conjunction with the latest financial innovation.

We believe that cybersecurity is mission critical for everyone — from disruptive fintech startups to established financial services providers. So we’re here to protect them, with our globally-proven security, so they can get back to what you love — writing the future of how we use money.

Here’s how StrongKey can help your business, whether in the fintech, payments, or financial services industry:


The Tellaro encrypts your sensitive data, such as customer information, credit card information, and payments. It can store the data either locally or in the cloud — but when using the cloud, you maintain exclusive control over the decryption keys.

Fraud Reduction

Through using risk analysis and strong authentication, the Tellaro can integrate with e-commerce platforms to reduce fraud and ensure that your customers are truly the ones making purchases.


Data-security requirements like PSD2, GDPR, and PCI-DSS are table stakes for firms to operate. Using the Tellaro to secure data and process payments lets our customers easily become compliant. Our technology has done it for financial clients all around the world, and, in fact, exceeds regulatory requirements for encryption and key management.

Integration into Web Applications

The Tellaro is a platform designed for easy integration into other web applications. If a company is web-based, we can take care of the data security and user authentication, giving your users peace of mind, and letting you focus on a great customer experience. 


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